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Aria Turk Construction (ATC) is a subsidiary of Ahmad Yar Group (AYG), specializing in providing specially designed construction solutions. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team, ATC delivers high-quality projects that meet international standards and exceed client expectations.

Aria Turk Construction


Construction Solutions

ATC addresses construction challenges by offering innovative solutions that improve cost efficiency, ensure top-notch quality, and foster a culture of continuous innovation. By leveraging its expertise and resources, ATC consistently delivers projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

The Afghan National Army (ANA) was quite pleased with the project’s timely and economical completion. Another task finished by ATC was the building of a significant road in the Afghan region. The route, which connects several cities and villages, has significantly enhanced the area’s transportation system.

ATC is dedicated to using sustainable and ecologically friendly construction methods, and whenever it is practical, it incorporates green technologies and materials into its projects. The business also prioritizes the security and health of its employees, giving them the training and tools necessary to work in a secure and healthy workplace. Overall, ATC's work in Afghanistan has significantly aided in the development of the nation's infrastructure and economy and has improved the lives of several Afghans.

Our Advantages


Risk Transfer

Minimizing project risks and liabilities through comprehensive risk management strategies and effective risk transfer mechanisms.

Cost efficiency


Ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost-effective project delivery through efficient planning, budgeting, and procurement strategies.



Upholding the highest standards of quality by implementing rigorous quality control measures and adhering to industry best practices.



Embracing advanced technologies and innovative practices to drive continuous improvement, enhance project outcomes, and deliver innovative solutions to construction challenges.

Ahamd Yar Group

Building a Better
Future for Afghanistan

At ATC, we are committed to contributing to the betterment of Afghanistan’s infrastructure and development. Our projects not only provide employment opportunities but also enhance the overall socio-economic landscape of the region. ATC aims to create a positive impact and drive lasting change in Afghanistan’s construction sector.

Aria Turk Construction is the trusted partner for your construction needs, offering unmatched expertise, innovation, and dedication to shaping a brighter future for Afghanistan’s built environment.

Ahamd Yar Group


Aria Turk concrete production plants have the capacity to produce and supply 20,000+ m3 Ready Mix Concrete monthly for construction projects across Kabul city. 

The Production Plants are equipped with world class state of the art machinery which is regularly updated with latest computerized technology.

Do you have a project in mind?

Aria Turk concrete production plants have the capacity to produce and supply 20,000+ m3 Ready Mix Concrete monthly for construction projects across Kabul city.

Our Address

Industrial Area, Pul-e-Charkhi, Kabul, Afghanistan.


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