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Committed to sustainable operations, Ahmad Yar Group integrates eco-friendly practices into all aspects of our business.


Unleashing industry expertise, we offer unmatched services, surpassing challenges, and meeting unique client demands.


Driving development via strategic innovation in Afghanistan's transportation, petroleum, and construction sectors.

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With our innovative, customized solutions, ignite your potential! Travel the world while promoting inclusion and recognizing diversity. Discover an environment where different brains come together to solve problems and unleash ideas. As we advance you toward limitless accomplishments, get ready to redefine possibilities.

You will achieve extraordinary success thanks to the innovative initiatives of our team. Prepare for a life-changing experience that will enable you to transcend boundaries and make a lasting impression on the global stage.

Our Vision

Step into a boundless realm where every soul embraces its extraordinary might, unlocking the pinnacle of their capabilities.

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We bring together diverse perspectives to develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

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Witness the symphony of brilliance that permeates every fiber of our being. Behold our avant-garde havens, where passion and expertise dance hand in hand with ingenuity.

Our Services

Leading the Way
in Industrial Fuel Solutions

With unmatched proficiency spanning three decades, our extensive network makes us the premier choice for fuel and gas supply in Afghanistan’s ever-evolving terrain.

Our Services

We Offer High-Quality Service Solutions.

Experience Ahmad Yar Group’s unmatched dedication. Our service solutions go beyond expectations with meticulous attention to detail and limitless inventiveness. Join us as we go on a remarkable quest to redefine perfection.

Trading & Wholesale

Providing a full range of fuel and gas supply solutions including diesel, petrol, benzene, liquid gas, aviation fuel, and lubricants.

Fuel Distribution

Efficient fuel distribution services with a diverse fleet, expert personnel, and remote fuel distribution facilities.

Aria Turk Construction

Equipped with world-class concrete production plants and modern machinery, we offer comprehensive construction solutions.


Providing a complete range of lubricants for various industries including automotive, industrial, and marine.

Development Services

Providing turnkey solutions for residential and commercial buildings, as well as transportation and logistics services.

Petroleum import and Distribution

DUKHUM Sole Distributor

Development Services

Fuel Efficient Supply

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